Get quicker access to more money when you save with friends!

  • There’s no need to worry about not meeting short term goals anymore. With Aella Community, you can save with friends and loved ones, so everyone is happier and feels safer.


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  • You can enjoy quick access to cash every time it is your turn to receive payment. Our automated payment solution ensures that there are no issues with money transfer.
  • Money pooling is a more trustworthy way of borrowing money online. This is because you choose who to save with; whether it is family and friends, or other users, everyone has been vetted and verified to be able to use the platform.
  • With Aella community, your saving goals are more guaranteed than other traditional methods of borrowing. Unlike a savings account for instance, you are less likely to spend the money impulsively.
  • The saving plan works using a monthly calendar, so everyone in your pool knows exactly what date they will receive their money. This will allow you plan your finances ahead better.

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Aella Community is from the folks who brought you Aella Credit and Aella Exchange

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